It’s time to reverse the rape clause and end cuts to incomes of women and children

Holyrood’s Green MSPs will this evening join with an expected majority of the parliament in voting to condemn the UK government’s two-child limit on child tax and universal credit and against the imposition of the "rape clause".

A Green amendment, condemning the cap as being yet another cut the UK Government knows will hit women hardest, is expected to be passed.

Alison Johnstone MSP, the Greens' social security spokesperson said:

“The Conservatives’ woeful defence of this indefensible policy shows that they are prepared to follow Westminster’s lead, regardless of the impact on the lives of those in Scotland who require support. I have no way of knowing whether the person who first thought of this exception felt that it was a compassionate one, but if you get to the stage where you are asking women to prove that the child they are claiming on behalf of is a result of rape, a single brutal attack perhaps or conceived during an abusive, coercive and controlling relationship, surely you should come to the conclusion that the implications of your legislation for women and children are completely unacceptable?

"It’s time to reverse this policy and to end the deeply damaging cuts to the incomes of women and children.”