International Women’s Day | Maggie Chapman

A message for International Women’s Day from the Scottish Greens equality spokesperson Maggie Chapman MSP.

“International Women’s Day is a chance to reflect on the achievements and successes of women, on the victories of past campaigners and on the importance of equality and on just how far we have come.

“But it is equally important that we use it to highlight the struggles taking place in communities around the world today and to think about and talk about the kind of future that we want for our world and for the generations of women and girls who will come after us.

“International Women’s Day is a day for solidarity, and to stand with women all over the world. The lives and wellbeing of future generations of women and girls depend on the decisions we make today.

“Women bear the brunt of social injustice and economic and environmental inequalities here in Scotland and around the world. Women live with the consequences of these inequalities every day. Women die because of the consequences of these inequalities.

“Our mothers might have hoped it would be better by now. And in some ways it is. There is a greater understanding, among both women and men, girls and boys, of gender work, pay, and representation issues, of the realities of the patriarchy, and of the potential for liberation in diversity. But we cannot take our victories for granted. 

“New technologies and communication platforms have opened new spaces and channels for misogynistic abuse, especially of young women and girls. We are also seeing a resurgent misogyny and campaigns against bodily autonomy and other long-won rights. It is poisoning our politics and damaging the cause of women’s rights, and LGBTQIA+ rights. 

“As a woman in politics, it is my role to fight against these abuses and to stand up for a different kind of world where all women are taken seriously and have their voices heard.

“Tackling inequalities is good for everybody. Each of us must play our part in this collective struggle today and every day. And, we must recognise that the struggles we fight here in Scotland are connected to the struggles being fought by women and girls all over the world.  A better world for women will be a better world for everyone.”