Scottish Greens say the latest research on public attitudes towards the independence referendum shows that engaging voters requires big ideas, not ‘contrived propositions’ such as whether we’d be richer or poorer.

The findings of the ScotCen Scottish Social Attitudes survey suggest that many of the prominent independence debates so far, on issues such as Europe and currency, are having little impact on how people plan to vote.

An earlier poll for the Scottish Greens showed that the prospect of a fairer and more equal society is more important to voters than whether Scotland would be slightly richer or poorer.

Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, said:

"The case for a Yes vote must be transformational. It must get way beyond the contrived proposition that we'll all be a simple £500 richer or poorer.

"The Green Yes campaign knows that there's a lot to do if we want to inspire the many undecided voters out there. But our experience is that when people are encouraged to think about the country they really want Scotland to become, they begin to see the need to take responsibility for all the decisions which affect our lives, our society and our economy."

Scottish Greens' indyref poll on fairness


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