Green Yes, the Scottish Green party's campaign for a Yes vote in the independence referendum, is welcoming comments by Scottish Government ministers on the "green gains" of independence and is urging them to go even further.

The ministers highlighted opportunities to:
-Enshrine environmental protection in a written constitution
-Create a nuclear-free nation
-Show international leadership in championing climate justice

Green Yes points out that independence would allow Scotland to go even further, with:
-Better regulation of the energy industry
-Development of community and publicly owned renewables
-Abolition of fracking subsidies, and deciding to keep shale gas companies out of Scotland
-Tax and licensing regimes which shift North Sea activity away from fossil fuels and into renewables
-Bringing rail back into public ownership, and regulating bus services to ensure sustainable public transport for all
-An economic policy focusing on social and environmental wellbeing, not just GDP growth which benefits the wealthiest

Green MSP Patrick Harvie said:

"A Yes vote opens up multiple opportunities to prioritise environmental issues. Leaving Westminster in control of weapons, energy, tax breaks and transport ownership makes little sense if we're serious about a positive legacy for future generations.

"The economic and environmental possibilities that come from independence should go hand in hand. We should take the opportunity to set a new agenda that has sustainability and fairness at its core."


Green Yes

Scottish ministers on the Green Gains of Independence