Green Yes, the Scottish Green Party's campaign for a Yes vote in the independence referendum, is urging a new approach to North Sea oil that recognises the economic and environmental reality that society faces.

A report published today by an expert oil and gas group set up by the Scottish Government recommends measures to "fully exploit" the remaining hydrocarbons of the UK Continental Shelf.

This is despite economists and energy experts warning that if we burn the fossil fuels already listed on the world’s capital markets we will breach the carbon emissions budget designed to limit dangerous climate change.

Co-convener of the Scottish Greens and Green Yes campaigner Councillor Maggie Chapman said:

"A Yes vote gives us the opportunity to do things differently, to be a world leader in new industries like renewables, and create good jobs for our skilled workforce, rather than having Westminster continue to waste our oil.

"Renewables, along with non-fuel uses for oil such as chemicals and plastics manufacturing, are the sort of industries an independent Scotland must prioritise. Whilst it's no surprise that this report reveals that big industry doesn't like tax hikes, it is rather more worrying that it seems to view the attractions of the renewables industry for school and college leavers as a threat.

"It also speaks volumes that this so-called policy framework does not mention climate change, carbon emissions or that Scotland has missed its climate targets three years in a row. Fully exploiting oil is simply not compatible with the carbon budget we cannot afford to breach.

"By encouraging maximum extraction we are effectively encouraging companies to waste investment and create unusable assets, rather than focussing on creating a sustainable economy with well-paid jobs that are essential for the future of our country."

Green Yes

Oil and gas commission report