Independent Scotland would be rid of ‘moral disgrace’ of nuclear weapons

An independent Scotland would be free of nuclear weapons.

An independent Scotland can take its place alongside the 92 countries who have already signed the international treaty banning nuclear weapons, say the Scottish Greens.

The call comes on Hiroshima Day, which marks the 78th anniversary of the first atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima. 

The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are estimated to have killed over 100,000 people.

Scottish Greens MSP, Gillian Mackay, said:

“Nuclear weapons are a moral disgrace and have no place in any kind of peaceful or progressive vision for Scotland.

“The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki left a horrific legacy, killing tens of thousands of people. They were among the worst atrocities that have ever been committed

"There are far more nuclear warheads in the world today than there were in 1945, and they are far more powerful and destructive.

“The vast majority of MSPs do not want nuclear weapons to be based here in Scotland. However, we do not have the power to remove them. 

“Both the Tory government and the so-called Labour opposition in Westminster have committed to spending even more on these appalling weapons.

“The eye watering sums involved would be far better used on lifting people out of poverty and  tackling the greatest security threat we face, the climate emergency.

"If we are to prevent this kind of devastation and protect future generations then we need to reduce existing nuclear stockpiles around the world. 

“I await the day when an independent Scotland can take its place on the world stage and join the 92 other nations who have already signed the nuclear weapon ban."