Independent Scotland can have fairer, greener and democratic future

With the powers of independence we can do so much more for people and planet.

With independence we can build a fairer, greener and more democratic future for Scotland, one without nuclear weapons or Tory governments that we did not vote for, says Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer.

Speaking in front of thousands of people at a Believe in Scotland rally in Glasgow, Mr Greer said: “We believe in Scotland. We believe it can be a fairer, greener and more democratic country. We believe that in one of the richest countries on earth, no child should live in poverty. And we believe in a very simple principle that the people who live here should be in charge of this country's future and they should get the governments they voted for.

“Our opponents are afraid of all that because they don't have an alternative. They think this is as good as it gets. They think child poverty, benefit sanctions and Tory governments are as good as it gets for Scotland. They think that the choice should be between the cruelty of the Tories and a Labour opposition who don't believe in any change at all.

“We believe that another Scotland is possible, that a better, fairer and greener Scotland is possible and it is the people who will deliver that. Our country can do so much better than a government that is continuing to arm the state of Israel while it commits a genocide in Palestine.”

Focusing on the role an independent Scotland can play in tackling the climate crisis, Mr Greer added: “The Scottish Greens know that independence is critical for tackling the climate emergency.

"It's been a difficult few days for Scotland's climate ambitions, the targets, we set those world leading targets. They were set by all parties including the Tories on the understanding that the UK government would cooperate with us. But they've not, they've ditched their own climate action and they've cut Scotland's infrastructure budget by half a billion pounds this year alone.

“That's why the Scottish government announced a massive new package of climate action to get us back on track to play this country's full role in tackling that global crisis and to protect our world-famous natural environment here in Scotland.”