Immoral, illegal and indefensible bill must be stopped

The Tories anti-refugee bill must be stopped, say the Scottish Greens, who have branded it immoral, illegal and indefensible.

The comments come ahead of a House of Commons vote that is set to take place tonight.

The Scottish Greens justice and human rights spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP, said:

“This is an immoral, illegal and indefensible bill. It would punish some of the world’s most vulnerable people as part of a desperate and racist culture war that has been fuelled from Downing Street.

“Human rights must always be at the core of our politics, and what the Tories are proposing is a total rejection of the key principles of international human rights and the Refugee Convention.

“Locking up refugees and asylum seekers in prison-like conditions and then deporting them to Rwanda is the sort of policy you would expect from the BNP, but now it is being promoted by some of the most senior politicians in Westminster.

“It is utterly shameful. The Tories are going against every principle of how to treat refugees, and are using the kind of vile rhetoric that would have been at home in the fascist regimes of the 1930s.

“This Bill is the latest in a long line of appalling policies and actions that make up the hostile environment. It follows years of brutal and authoritarian approaches from successive Labour and Tory governments.

“With independence we can finally establish a humane policy and end the toxic influence of the institutionally racist Home Office on our politics.”