Immediate action on drugs crisis needed to save lives

Scottish Greens have welcomed the announcement of significant additional funding to tackle Scotland’s drug deaths crisis, but warned that while long term action is essential, immediate action is also required to save lives now.

Responding to the First Minister’s statement the party’s justice spokesperson John Finnie MSP also called for parties to come together to urge the Lord Advocate to exempt safe drug consumption facilities from prosecution.

John Finnie MSP said:

“There will be three more drug related deaths today, tomorrow, and every other day this week. So, we need to see urgent action from the Scottish Government to save lives now. It is pleasing to see the importance of community based interventions being recognised by government, and the need to listen to those with experience of drug use. It’s also essential that every avenue is explored to tackle this crisis, so it’s vital that the Lord Advocate uses his authority to exempt lifesaving services such as safe drug consumption rooms from prosecution.”