IMF forecast proves Tories are no longer fit to lead

The latest IMF forecast showing that the UK will be the only G7 country to see its economy shrink proves the Tory government is incapable of running the economy, warn the Scottish Greens.

A national strike, cost of living crisis and multiple resignations over allegations of corruption, incompetence and scandal provides further evidence of their inability to lead. 

Scottish Greens economy spokesperson Maggie Chapman MSP said:

“It is perhaps fitting that three years to the day that Scotland and the rest of the UK were ripped out of Europe because of Tory isolationism, these figures lay bare the consequences.

“For all it might try, the UK Government can no longer hide behind a pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine or other ‘global’ excuses when we see the rest of the world is outperforming our stuttering economy on their watch.

“The finger of blame lies firmly at the revolving door of Tory HQ where the number of Prime Ministers, Chancellors and Tory Party chairmen being exported from Downing Street is in danger of outstripping goods we can send to Europe.

“The Tories lied about the consequences of leaving the EU, they have misled the electorate over their stewardship of the economy, and they have left the UK as the only country to see its fortunes being downgraded. 

“While Scotland asks Europe to leave a light on for our return, as we mark 100 dreadful days of Rishi Sunak at the helm of a Tory Party riddled with corruption and scandal, as we stand on the eve of a national strike, it is clear this government is no longer fit for purpose, fit for office or fit to lead.”