Ideas for new Climate Change Bill crowdsourced by Greens

The Scottish Green Party is seeking the views of members of the public on what should be included in forthcoming changes to Scotland’s climate laws.

In 2014, pressure from Green MSPs meant that the Scottish Government declared energy efficient housing a national investment priority and now with a minority government in power, the Green group is aiming to prevent cuts to this and other vital schemes that can tackle climate change.

The initiative coincides with the launch of a UK Committee on Climate Change report into reducing emissions in Scotland. It highlights how reducing and abolishing Air Passenger Duty “will tend to increase demand for aviation… [and lead to] around a 4% increase [in emissions]”; providing further evidence why the Scottish Greens will not support this Scottish Government policy.

Mark Ruskell MSP, the Scottish Greens’ climate, energy and environment spokesperson, said:

“I'm leading the Green MSPs' work on climate and I want to hear what campaigners, activists, and members of the public think Scotland's climate laws should say.

“The last climate law in 2009 set targets to reduce carbon emissions. It also created the 5p carrier bag charge, improved recycling and let people install solar panels on houses without needing permission. Our climate law also lets the Scottish Parliament set minimum standards for insulation in homes and create a drinks bottle deposit and return scheme - but both these powers remain unused.

“We’d particularly like to hear from communities about what powers they need to create sustainable places to live and work and from businesses about what would make it easier to reduce emissions.

“Changes to Scotland's climate laws are planned for 2017 and with the help of members of the public, Scottish Greens will be pushing for bold action.”

To forward suggestions to Mark, please get in touch.