Hunting ban comes into force today

Fox hunting is brutal and cruel. It has no place in a modern and progressive Scotland.

The new fox hunting ban comes into force today marking a historic moment in Scotland’s progress as a nation that respects and values wildlife, say the Scottish Greens. 

The changes, which come into effect today, will ban hunting with packs of dogs and the ‘flushing out’ of wild mammals.

The Scottish Greens rural affairs spokesperson, Ariane Burgess MSP, said:

“This is a historic day. We finally have a real hunting ban after decades of campaigning.

“Hunting with dogs is brutal, cruel and outdated. It has no place in a modern or progressive Scotland, and we should all take pride is this new law

“Loopholes in the original hunting ban were ruthlessly exploited by those who were determined to continue hunting. This law is much more robust, but we will be watching carefully to ensure it is effective and abided by.”