Housing Bill will deliver crucial new rights for tenants

Scottish Green Minister Patrick Harvie is introducing crucial new rights for tenants across Scotland.

Today’s publication of a new Housing Bill for Scotland by Scottish Green minister Patrick Harvie marks a key milestone in the campaign to deliver a New Deal for Tenants, say the Scottish Greens.

It includes ensuring improved protections against evictions, a framework for long term rent controls, and new rights for tenants in being allowed to make simple life-choices such as keeping pets or decorating their homes.

Scottish Greens housing spokesperson Ariane Burgess MSP said: “This is a significant step forward in delivering stronger rights for tenants and recognising best practice by responsible landlords who want to provide a good service at a fair price. 

“Led by Patrick Harvie, it will deliver on key elements of the New Deal for Tenants, a core Scottish Green policy which was central in agreeing to the policy programme that first took us into government.

“It means tenants can take on a tenancy knowing that they can make a proper home. They will see changes to how rents are set, both nationally and in rental hotspots, and protected by new powers both to tackle illegal evictions and to improve the eviction process.

“Many of us take for granted that we can personalise a home through decoration and through the companionship of a pet. The best landlords already recognise that tenants have the same expectations but too many don’t enjoy those simple rights until now.

“That is why this Bill must ensure that the voices of tenants are heard, not just those from property investors and landlords. Nowhere else in the UK will tenants’ rights be better reflected.

“I am proud it is the Scottish Greens through Patrick Harvie that are delivering on these vital new protections, as just another example of our successful work in government in delivering for people and for planet.”