Commenting on Sir Stephen House's decision to step down early as chief constable of Police Scotland, John Finnie, Independent MSP for the Highlands & Islands and justice spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, said:

"It was clear from start of Police Scotland that Sir Stephen House had the necessary drive and authority to transform the various elements of policing across Scotland into a single public service. Sadly, despite assurances that best practice from all the former constituent forces would be adopted, it very swiftly became the case that it was the House way or no way in Police Scotland.

"Rather than responding to wise counsel, both within and outwith the police service, Sir Stephen placed armed officers in our communities and inflicted industrial levels of stop and search across the country. It is inappropriate to pre-empt outcome of the ongoing inquiry into tragic loss of life following the M9 road incident, however, it has long been apparent that the Chief Constable does not enjoy the public support that his post demands and regrettably this has fed down to negative perceptions of police officers and support staff who are doing a great deal of good work across our communities.

"His early departure is one call that Sir Stephen has got right."