House of Lords must block immoral anti-refugee bill

The UK government's anti-refugee bill is an immoral and illegal attack on the rights of some of the most vulnerable people.

The UK government’s immoral and illegal anti-refugee bill must be blocked by the House of Lords, say the Scottish Greens.

Speaking ahead of a vote on the bill, Scottish Greens MSP Ross Greer has said it is a sign of the cruelty and ‘moral decay’ of the UK government.

Ross said:

“If this bill is passed it will be a dark day for the rights and lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our country. It would rip up the very concept of asylum and make the UK a pariah state for human rights. 

“The bill is brutal in its scope and cruel & racist in its intent. It is based on the worst anti-migrant dog whistles and would knowingly criminalise and punish people who are fleeing some of the world’s most dangerous warzones. 

“The right to seek refuge, the right to liberty and security, the right to access justice, to freedom from torture and freedom from slavery are alll vital. Those rights were all hard-won over decades and are at the heart of the vision for Scotland that I believe in.

“We should never be in the position where we are having to rely on the House of Lords to uphold basic rights, and it is a sign of the moral decay of the UK government that we are in this position. Tonight though they have the opportunity to stop this immoral and illegal bill. I hope that they take it.”