Holyrood to vote on Ruskell's Safer Streets Bill thanks to cross-party support

The Scottish Parliament will be able to vote next year on whether the default speed limit in built up areas should be lowered from 30 to 20mph after a Green politician’s proposal received cross party backing from MSPs. 

Green MSP Mark Ruskell has so far received 20 MSP signatures from three parties, meaning that the Member’s Bill, aimed at improving road safety and reducing traffic pollution, has moved a step closer to becoming a reality.

The proposal for safer streets has the support of numerous organisations including the British Heart Foundation, British Lung Foundation and road safety charity Brake. It would mean councils no longer have to go through a lengthy and costly application process to set up a 20mph zone. Local authorities would still be able to designate 30mph routes where required, using the same system they currently use to bring in 20mph zones in residential areas.

Support for the proposal will now enable Mr Ruskell to draft legislation for consideration by the Scottish Parliament next year.

Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Mark Ruskell said:

“It’s heartening to see cross-party support for creating cleaner, healthier and safer streets for everyone in Scotland. It’s great to have signatures from MSPs from all over Scotland, many of them known for their record in championing road safety campaigns. Thank you to all of the campaign organisations who have shown support so far and the many individuals whose personal experiences of accidents and attempts to establish 20mph zones have informed my work.

“The public consultation on my proposed bill had over 2,200 responses and over 80% support. I look forward to other MSPs signing up for improved road safety ahead of the 19 December deadline for signatures.”

MSPs who have signed the bill proposal as of 3 Dec:

1. John Finnie (Green)
2.   Clare Adamson (SNP)
3.   Andy Wightman (Green)
4.   Ross Greer (Green)
5.   Emma Harper (SNP)
6.   Graeme Dey (SNP)
7.   Gillian Martin (SNP)
8.   Angus MacDonald (SNP)
9.   Alison Johnstone (Green)
10.   Patrick Harvie (Green)
11.   Stewart Stevenson (SNP)
12.   David Torrance (SNP)
13.   Neil Findlay (Labour)
14.   Gail Ross (SNP)
15.   Ash Denham (SNP)
16.   Claudia Beamish (Labour)
17.   Kate Forbes (SNP)
18.   David Stewart (Labour)
19.   Claire Baker (Labour)
20.   Jenny Gilruth (SNP)