Harvie: Westminster unlikely to listen to Dugdale proposals

Responding to a speech by the Scottish Labour leader in London this morning, Patrick Harvie MSP, the Scottish Greens’ co-convener, has said the proposals are unlikely to go ahead because the Westminster government “appears unwilling to consider far more modest proposals”.

Glasgow MSP, Patrick Harvie said:

“It’s unfortunate that while Greens and others are working collaboratively and imaginatively to come up with ways to keep Scotland in the European Union, Scottish Labour chooses this valuable time to discuss changes in the UK constitution which seem vanishingly unlikely to happen, instead of the very real and urgent threat posed by Brexit.

“None of what Labour proposes will keep Scotland in Europe, nor would it prevent the democratic wishes of the people of Scotland from being ignored again. It’s also unclear what evidence Kezia Dugdale has for support in the rest of the UK for this change. At present, the UK government appears unwilling to consider far more modest proposals.”