Harvie visits Menie as public swing against Trump project

For immediate release 26 April 2010

Polling results published today show a clear majority of Scots now oppose Donald Trump's golf and leisure resort, with opinions now running at almost two to one against. (1) Mr Trump has long claimed that 93% support the project, which would require the eviction of local residents and the destruction of a unique and protected dune system, but has never published any evidence for this claim. (2)

These results come ahead of today's visit by Green MSP Patrick Harvie to the home of Molly Forbes, the 86-year-old local resident currently challenging Mr Trump and Aberdeenshire Council in court over the project. Mrs Forbes lives on the Menie Estate with her family, and despite her clear desire not to sell her home, the Trump Organisation and Aberdeenshire Council have refused to lift the threat of compulsory purchase orders and eviction.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

"Increasingly, people are taking a very simple view on this issue. On one side they see a bullying billionaire bent on throwing vulnerable local residents from their own homes and on trashing this extraordinary environment. On the other side, Molly Forbes and others living on the Menie Estate have become reluctant local heroes, the last line of defence against Trump's evictions and bulldozers. The other parties in Parliament must now say whose side they're on, and I urge them to make a stand for local people and against Trump.

"It's therefore a great honour to meet Molly and her neighbours today, and to come and see the homes and the dunes under threat from this disastrous project. I'm delighted to be able to tell her that Aberdeenshire Council and the Scottish Government may have let her down, but the sensible majority of Scots are on her side by a majority of almost two to one. Mr Trump must now lift the threat of eviction he has left hanging over these families - it is causing extraordinary suffering."


1. Angus Reid polled 1001 Scottish adults between 9am 14th April and 11pm 16th April. Results are of those expressing a view.

Donald Trump is planning a luxury golf resort which his company says would bring jobs to Aberdeenshire, but his plans would require evicting local residents who do not wish to sell, and building on protected land. Do you support this project?