Thu 15 Jun, 2017

Greens have led the way in calling for a ban, and we will accept nothing less.  Patrick Harvie MSP

Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, today (15 June) used First Minister's Questions to press Nicola Sturgeon to commit to a decision on whether or not to ban fracking by the end of this year.

Mr Harvie highlighted that the government's fracking consultation, which closed two weeks ago, has received tens of thousands of responses, one of the biggest ever responses to a government consultation.

Since then, further concerns have been raised about the health impacts, with over 150 studies linking the chemicals used in the fracking industry to cancer risk and permanent lung damage, for example by exposing workers to benzene and silica dust.

Green MSPs have led calls for a ban on fracking and other forms of unconventional gas extraction, putting the matter to a vote at Holyrood in 2014. All other parties opposed the move.

Patrick said:

"We simply can’t go on with a temporary moratorium, leaving threatened communities in limbo. The scale of the public response on this issue is unprecedented, and it’s clear that only a full permanent ban will do. Greens have led the way in calling for a ban, and we will accept nothing less. 

"The commitment from the First Minister that a decision will be made and a vote brought in Parliament before the end of this year is good to hear, and Greens will hold the First Minister to that commitment. By banning fracking and instead focusing on long term jobs in low-carbon industries, Scotland can send a strong message that our future is green."


Fracking in Scotland could make workers sick, say campaigners (The Ferret):


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Fracking: Greens condemn INEOS over ban hold up

Wed 9 May, 2018

Scotland does not want fracking and multi-nationals determined to ignore this are responsible for creating deliberate uncertainty over a ban, says a Green MSP.

Mark Ruskell MSP, the Scottish Greens’ energy spokesperson, is calling INEO’S legal bid a “desperate” last-ditch attempt to cause uncertainty from a fossil fuel giant that knows it has the lost the argument.

Ruskell, a Mid Scotland and Fife MSP said:

Fracking ban challenge is predictable and desperate say Greens

Tue 9 Jan, 2018

Ineos’s decision to challenge Scotland’s fracking ban has been called predictable and desperate by a Green MSP.

Mark Ruskell MSP, the Scottish Greens’ climate and energy spokesperson, also says the multinational chemicals company should accept they “lost the democratic debate” instead of throwing their toys of the pram.

Ruskell said:

“This is a predictable and desperate attempt by an industry sinking under public protest in England to try and salvage the last drop of commercial benefit in Scotland.

We’ve banned fracking – here’s what we do next

Andy Wightman MSP Fri 27 Oct, 2017

We did it.

Following years of hard work and determined campaigning, communities across Scotland have succeeded in persuading the Scottish Government to ban fracking.

This week the Scottish Parliament voted not only to support the Scottish Government’s proposal to extend the moratorium established in 2015 but to incorporate the ban in the National Planning Framework and to commit to using forthcoming powers over licensing to reflect Parliament’s view on the development of unconventional oil and gas.