Demands to tackle air pollution in Glasgow and other Scottish hot spots have been stepped up by Green MSP Patrick Harvie.

Mr Harvie used today's debate in the Scottish Parliament to highlight that the current Scottish Government response to the problem is almost identical to what ministers said a decade ago.

He described the pollution problem in Glasgow city centre locations such as Hope Street as "chronic". The failure to tackle the problem means the UK faces legal action by the European Commission. Limits on nitrogen dioxide should have been met by January 2010.

Mr Harvie said:

"We have a culture of inaction at all levels of government when it comes to the shockingly poor quality of air we're often forced to breathe. We know the damage vehicle exhaust fumes and particulates do to our health yet ministers refuse to commit to the radical overhaul our transport system needs.

"If we're serious about protecting public health in Glasgow and other pollution hot spots we need to reduce traffic levels, and increase the proportion of the transport budget spent on walking, cycling and low-emissions public transport."