Harvie brands Tory-DUP deal an insult


Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, branded today's Tory-DUP deal an insult.


The 10 DUP MPs will back the Tories in key Commons votes in return for an extra £1billion for Northern Ireland over the next two years.

Patrick said:

"Investment in health, education and infrastructure are urgently needed, but that must mean an end to Tory cuts everywhere, not just in exchange for the votes Theresa May needs to cling on to power after her dismal election result. This deal is an insult to everyone who believed the UK Government’s promises of fairness and respect to all parts of the UK, and the Tory MPs elected in Scotland will not have a shred of integrity left if they support this.

"In particular, David Mundell has been crystal clear that he would not back this kind of deal. It is impossible to see how he can continue as Secretary of State for Scotland, and if he doesn’t resign in response to this shameless deal with the homophobes and climate deniers of the DUP, nobody in Scotland can ever believe a word he says again."


“I’m not going to agree to anything that could be construed as back-door funding to Northern Ireland." David Mundell, 25 June