Mon 24 Jun, 2013

Patrick Harvie, MSP for Glasgow, is reaffirming his commitment to equality this week, as Parliament prepares for the introduction of the Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill.

Mr Harvie is congratulating the Equality Network for securing the public commitment of at least 89 MSPs.
Equal marriage
Patrick said:

“After around twenty years of volunteering, working and campaigning on equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people I have yet to hear a coherent moral argument against equality. Those who held out against decriminalisation, an equal age of consent, antidiscrimination law and the other steps toward equality are still holding out for the right to treat LGBT people as their inferiors.

“It’s a sad spectacle, but with a strong vote in favour of allowing same-sex couples the same right to marry that their friends, family and neighbours enjoy, we will show very clearly that those defending antique prejudice are on the wrong side of history.”

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