Tue 25 Oct, 2022

The new UK Cabinet is the stuff of nightmares, according to the Scottish Greens, who have warned that this is the same old Tories who will inflict the same failed policies that they always have.

The Scottish Greens Co-leader, Lorna Slater MSP said: 

“Halloween has come early with some of these announcements. It is the stuff of nightmares. They are the same old Tories who will follow the same failed policies that led to the mess we’re in. 

“Jeremy Hunt has already warned that nothing will be off the table when it comes to cuts, while Suella Braverman has talked about her ‘obsession’ with deportation flights to Rwanda. Many of them have been in power over the last 12 years, and have been instrumental in making our economy weaker and ordinary lives more precarious.

“They will talk about ‘tough choices’ and ‘difficult decisions.’ But what they really mean is an economy that works for their wealthy friends and a toxic mix of cuts and punishment for the most vulnerable, who will be made to pay the price for their reckless Brexit and economic failures.

“Scotland didn’t vote for this. There absolutely needs to be an election, so that we can finally remove this chaotic government. But we also need a fair and democratic referendum and the chance to take our future into our own hands and build a fairer, greener and independent future at the heart of Europe.”

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Scottish Green Co-leader, Lorna Slater MSP, said:

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