GRR challenge vital for trans rights, equality and democracy

The Scottish Greens have welcomed the Scottish Government's legal challenge against Westminster's attempts to block Gender Recognition Reform.

The Scottish Government’s decision to challenge Westminster’s use of a Section 35 Order to block Gender Recognition Reform is “vital for equality and democracy”, say the Scottish Greens.

The Party’s equalities spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP said:

“Trans rights are human rights and it is absolutely right for the Scottish Government to challenge this shameful decision. It is a vital step for trans rights and equality, and also for our democracy.

“Our Parliament voted overwhelmingly for Gender Recognition Reform last year. This vote followed years of consultation and the Bill was backed by MSPs from all Parties. It had a huge level of crossparty support and was backed by almost every reputable equalities organisation, including women’s organisations across Scotland, many of whom have been trans-inclusive for over a decade.

“Westminster is waging a sustained campaign of disinformation as part of a wider attack on our trans communities. The UK Government is threatening to roll back on basic rights that have existed for many years.

“If the Tories get away with overriding our Parliament on such a clearly devolved area then it will set a dangerous precedent that could be used time and again. That is why everyone who believes in equality or devolution must support this challenge and oppose the Tory veto.

“It is shocking that we have been put in this position, but we cannot allow the rights and lives of trans people to be used as a political pawn in Westminster’s reactionary culture war.”

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