Grouse moors report ignores key issues

Commenting on the publication of a new Scottish Government report into grouse moor management, Scottish Green rural economy spokesperson John Finnie said:

“It is welcome that The Scottish Government is exploring alternatives to grouse moors. This report shows that alternative uses would boost Scotland’s rural economy. A move to conservation or renewable energy, for example, would dwarf the economic impact of grouse moor management. Previous research has shown this would also create new jobs, especially in forestry.

“However, while this research recognises the growing public and political concern about grouse moors, it ignores some key issues. For example, the persecution of eagles and other raptors damages Scotland’s reputation as an eco-tourism destination, yet there’s no mention of it.

“It also fails to address the damaging impact of muirburn on our climate ambitions.

“The Scottish Government has dragged its heels for almost a year since the Werrity review published its limited findings. During that time we’ve seen the burning of peatland and the killing of wildlife continue. People have been shooting grouse even during COVID restrictions.

“Scotland’s land needs to be freed up for the economic and social benefit of all of its people and used in ways that contributes to a thriving rural economy and natural environment. It’s time for the Scottish Government to get on with it.”