Greer welcomes Ramblers Lomond Objection

Green MSP Ross Greer has thanked Ramblers Scotland for becoming the latest group to lodge an objection against Flamingo Land’s controversial second attempt to build at Loch Lomond.

The group, representing over 6500 members and 53 local groups around Scotland, have objected to the ‘resort’ proposals on five grounds:

Scale of the development, Impact on Climate Emissions, Public Access, the Impact on the Local Community and the Impact on existing woodland, including ancient woodland. 

Their comments follow a strong objection from Woodland Trust Scotland, who have raised concerns about the loss of nearly half a hectare of ancient woodland on the site, and the impact on remaining woodland.

Both organisations objected to Flamingo Land’s previous plans, which were withdrawn after nearly 60,000 objections were lodged.

Ross Greer, the local Green MSP who has led the campaign against Flamingo Land, commented:

"It's great that organisations like Ramblers Scotland and the Woodland Trust have backed the local community and once again objected to these deeply inappropriate proposals. The local environment around Balloch is quite literally world-famous and should not be put at risk by a company seeking only to profit from it. No matter how many rebrands and tweaks the developers try, people still see through the glossy PR and are saying a categorical no to Flamingo Land."