Greer urges UK Gov to quash talk of no-deal Brexit & give EU citizens certainty

Ross Greer MSP, External Affairs spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, will today (25 Oct) use a Holyrood debate to call on the UK Government to quash ongoing talk of a no-deal Brexit and give Scotland’s 180,000 citizens from other European countries certainty of their right to stay here.

At the weekend, Scottish Greens at their Autumn conference passed motions warning that Tory ministers are using the EU Withdrawal Bill to cut parliament out of the Brexit process as much as possible, and urged Theresa May to protect the rights of EU citizens living in Scotland & the wider UK.

Ross Greer MSP said:

“Tory chatter of a no-deal Brexit shows how little Ruth Davidson's party cares about Scotland's economy. Crashing out of the EU with no trading arrangements will cost Scotland thirty billion pounds, lose thousands of jobs, hurt wages and devastate services like the NHS which rely on a skilled workforce drawn from across Europe. 

“Holyrood has heard first-hand from EU citizens fearful for their future, with one woman telling us she felt like a dog bought for Christmas but no longer wanted by the UK. This is a heart-breaking situation forced on three million people across the country and it’s one the UK Government could end now. 

"The status and rights of EU citizens living here need not have anything to do with negotiations. It’s scandalous that UK ministers have instead decided to use people’s lives as bargaining chips.

“Today Holyrood has the opportunity to stand up for Scotland’s economy and for all those who live here.”