Greer renews call for devolution of migration as research shows Brexit threat to Scotland's economy

Ross Greer, External Affairs spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (7 Feb) welcomed research showing that a cut in migration as a result of Brexit could cost Scotland's economy up to £10 billion a year by 2040. 

The analysis paper by the Scottish Government sets out options for a Scottish migration system, including specific criteria to address skills shortages.

The Scottish Greens' Brexit paper - Preparing for Impact - published last October, included a call for devolution of migration policy. 

Ross Greer MSP said:

“Migration is culturally enriching and it massively strengthens our economy and public services such as the NHS. Scotland relies on migration far more than the rest of the UK, so keeping these powers reserved to Westminster and under the control of a Tory Government intent on inflicting self-harm to appease its own hard right wing makes little sense. 

"It is clearly time for the UK to follow the lead of Canada, Switzerland and others by devolving controls over immigration policy. We need to set policies which meet Scotland’s needs and aspirations and that will not happen with immigration controlled from Westminster. Scotland must remain an open and inclusive country, where migrants from anywhere in the world can come, contribute to our economy and society, and enjoy the same rights as others who live here.”