Thu 13 Jun, 2019

Plans to build a new gas fired power station at Hunterston in Ayrshire are incompatible with Scotland’s declaration of a climate emergency, according to West of Scotland MSP Ross Greer, who quizzed Nicola Sturgeon about the proposals at FMQs today (13 June 2019) after concerns were raised with him by local residents (1).

The power plant, part of a wider masterplan for the Hunterston port area from Peel Ports, would use liquefied natural gas (LNG), which would likely include imported fracked gas, and burn it to make energy on site. The proposals include a terminal to receive the imported gas, storage facilities and the power station. In order to meet its climate targets, Scotland needs to move away from burning fossil fuels and instead ensure they are kept in the ground.

Ross Greer MSP said:

“Peel’s plans for the Hunterston site include some interesting ideas worthy of serious consideration but the suggestion of a gas storage facility and a new gas-fired power station is totally incompatible with the action needed to tackle the climate crisis, which in turn makes it a missed opportunity to create jobs in the kind of industries which have a long term future. Gas is not one of those industries. No matter how they try to greenwash it, this will still burn fossil fuels that we need to keep in the ground.

“Local residents are seriously worried about these proposals, so it was welcome to hear the First Minister recognised the concerns I raised with her. It’s now vital that the council and Government agencies take those concerns, as well as their own climate commitments, on board before assessing the proposals further.”

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“The ONR themselves have detailed four previous notable safety incidents. These include lost cooling for a reactor, the failure of a shutdown pump and smoke from a control room panel.

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The strikes are part of a coordinated global movement started by sixteen-year-old Swedish school pupil Greta Thunberg.

Commenting, Ross Greer said:

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