Greer hits out at Scottish Labour as "lost cause" as Brexit spokesperson says ‘too early’ to decide on a plan

Ross Greer MSP, External Affairs spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (12 Jan) hit out at Scottish Labour as a "lost cause" after their newly-appointed Brexit spokesperson said it was ‘too early’ to decide on a plan for Brexit, essentially conceding to the Tories’ ‘jobs-destroying, rights-removing Hard Brexit, outside of the Single Market and Customs Union’.
In an interview with the Daily Record, Labour MSP Neil Findlay said: "We have to keep an open mind. Nailing our colours to one mast...would be a mistake." 
Ross Greer MSP said:
"Scottish Labour are basically saying we should let the Tories shape Brexit and only offer an alternative once it’s too late. This is a tragic failure to do the most essential element of their job and only makes it more likely that the Tories’ jobs-destroying, rights-removing Hard Brexit, outside of the Single Market and Customs Union is what we end up with.
"Rather than joining with the Greens and other progressives in challenging Theresa May and honouring Scotland's strong Remain vote, Labour are playing recklessly with people jobs, wages and social protections. They're pinning hopes not only on there being a general election in the next few months but on their winning it against the odds, and then somehow expecting the other 27 members of the EU to accept whatever last minute changes they come up with to an immensly complex and difficult set of negotiations. It's a ludicrous position.
"Greens will continue campaigning hard to stop a hard Tory Brexit, and to keep Scotland in the single market. Labour in Scotland look more than ever like a lost cause."


Scottish Labour Brexit spokesman reveals why he thinks Jeremy Corbyn shouldn't take a fixed position on Europe future (Daily Record, 12 Jan)