Greer challenges Scot Gov over failure to publish No Deal Brexit plan

Scottish Greens Europe spokesperson Ross Greer MSP today (18 Dec) challenged the Scottish Government over its failure to show the public its plans for public healthcare, the water supply and other essential services in the event of a No Deal Brexit.

Questioning Constitutional Relations Secretary Mike Russell in Parliament, Mr Greer pressed for contingency plans to be put into the public domain and the Cabinet Secretary replied that he would "get officials to look into this".

Afterward, Ross Greer MSP said:

"Scotland is being taken to the brink of disaster by the most incompetent Tory government in modern history. This is not the fault of the Scottish Government or Parliament but people have a right to know about the preparations being made to maintain public services. A No-Deal Brexit is a huge threat to essential health services, much of our food and fuel, and even the water supply.

"The UK Government may be the definition of disaster but it has at least published its 105 No-Deal preparation notices. Vague assurances from the Scottish Government are not enough. MSPs have a responsibility to help prepare the country as best we can for the chaos a hard Brexit would cause. Both we and the public need to know what the plan is."