Greer challenges delivery company on workers’ safety

A food delivery company has been challenged to prioritise workers’ safety by a Green MSP after a driver was spotted snowboarding en route to a delivery point.

Ross Greer MSP has written to Deliveroo asking why it did not suspend its services in all Met Office Red and Amber alert areas, following advice from Police Scotland, Transport Scotland and others that travel should be avoided. A motion has also been lodged in the Scottish Parliament to highlight the risks to exploited workers during severe weather.

The company confirmed to Greer that it suspended services in Glasgow, Edinburgh, St Andrews and Stirling, but reopened this morning when the snow alert became an Amber warning – even though this comes with a caution of “potential risk to life and property”.

Greer, a West of Scotland MSP, said:

“If the safety of Deliveroo riders is of paramount importance, then as a responsible business, they should have immediately suspended in all areas affected by Red and Amber weather warnings, in keeping with advice from Police Scotland, Transport Scotland, the Scottish Government and others.

“I’m not convinced the company is taking safety seriously. For those in casual work, who are not paid if they do not turn up, the ability to stave off eviction, to put food on the table or cover energy bills is of serious importance. Indeed, many will feel they must put these issues ahead of their relative safety. As a business, Deliveroo has a responsibility for rider wellbeing and I hope they begin to take it seriously. This situation is a stark reminder of the conditions exploited, ‘casual’ workers experience in the so called ‘gig economy’.”