Greer brands Scot Gov fair work scheme a joke in light of jobs cuts at STV

Ross Greer MSP, Culture & Media spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (17 May) branded a Scottish Government scheme aimed at promoting fair work practices a joke in light of the jobs cuts at STV.

The broadcaster is one of 450 signatories to the Scottish Government's Business Pledge scheme, which encourages the living wage, an end to zero hour contracts and creating opportunities for young people.

Yesterday, STV's new chief executive axed one of the company's channels with the loss of almost 60 jobs, just months after he received an £853,000 "golden hello".

Ross Greer, Culture spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP for West of Scotland, said:

"The Business Pledge is clearly a joke if it includes a company that shovels grotesque amounts of money towards its chief executive while allowing the sacking of hard-working frontline staff. The scheme shows the weak approach the SNP have to responsible business, with only 0.2 per cent of Scotland's companies signing up. Is it any wonder when Scottish Government agencies routinely offer support and funding for exploitative and unethical firms such as Amazon and those involved in the arms industry?

"STV's staff poured so much into the new STV2 channel, and they deserve better treatment. It’s hard to see how STV will improve the quality of its output by sacking so many people - people whose salaries could have been covered by the ridiculous golden hello. We cannot let slip the huge opportunity we have to build a creative industries centre of excellence in the West of Scotland, with the BBC expanding to launch a new Scottish channel & Glasgow bidding to host Channel 4's new HQ."