Greens welcome third Yes lead poll since Supreme Court verdict

“The Tories and Labour colluding to deny people their say has obviously badly backfired” according to the Scottish Greens, who have welcomed a new poll for the National that shows a majority support for independence. 

The poll, which was carried out by Find Out Now for The National, shows support for independence at 51% compared to 43% against (this increases to 54% for independence and 46% against once ‘Don't Knows’ are removed).

This is the third poll to show a Yes lead since the Supreme Court ruled that Scotland could not hold an independence referendum without Westminster’s permission. It follows polls with a similar lead from Ipsos Mori and Redfield & Wilton Strategies.

Scottish Greens co-leader, Patrick Harvie MSP, said:

“Another day, another poll showing a majority for independence. The message is now as clear as it is simple: people think Scotland should have control over its own future.

“And this isn’t surprising. A referendum is what people voted for last year when the biggest ever pro-independence majority was elected to the Scottish Parliament. The Tories and Labour colluding to deny people their say has obviously badly backfired, and their actions are being seen for what they are: a fear of democracy.”

“Scots look at the UK and know how much more we could do if Scotland had the powers that come with being a normal independent country. 

“Instead of Brexit we could build an outward looking global Scotland. Instead of new coal mines we could fund the full and rapid decarbonisation of our society. Instead of tax cuts for wealthy bankers we could set about the hard work of building a fairer society that works for everyone.”