Greens welcome recommendations from hate crime report

New recommendations for updating Scotland’s hate crime legislation have been broadly welcomed by the Scottish Greens.

John Finnie MSP, the party’s justice spokesperson, says the recommendations on transgender identity and age hostility are particularly welcome and will provide a “timely update” in making Scotland a more inclusive nation.

Mr Finnie said:

“Our party prides itself on being ahead of the curve on equality and the report’s recommendations will provide a timely update to hate crime legislation in Scotland. Many in the LGBTI+ community will be eager to see the recommendation for 'intersex' to be listed as a separate category, rather than a sub-category of transgender identity, progressed as quickly as possible. I’m also pleased that outdated terms for transgender people will now likely be removed from the 2009 offences act.

“I also welcome the recommendation for hate crimes based on ‘age hostility’. Too often young people in Scotland are labelled with negative stereotypes relating to anti-social behaviour and it’s time we treat them with the respect that all members of society deserve. Equally, older people shouldn’t have to deal with assumptions about what they are capable of doing, particularly in the workplace, and these proposals make strides towards ending this form of discrimination.”