Wed 7 Oct, 2020

While it’s absolutely vital that schools are kept as safe as possible from COVID, physical inactivity presents a real risk to children too. Mark Ruskell

Conflicting advice for teachers about what physical education is acceptable under current restrictions could lead to a winter of physical inactivity in schools, the Scottish Greens have warned.

At Holyrood’s COVID committee Scottish Green MSP Mark Ruskell asked what the guidance was around indoor contact sports in schools, after it emerged Education Scotland had issued guidance this week that “physical education within school settings should only take place outdoors for the time being”. 

This was apparently contradicted by clinical director Jason Leitch in committee, who said he couldn’t “keep up” with all the advice. He said: “Outdoor is safer, but indoor contact sport  for kids has been allowed. We think in the round that that is as safe to do as some other things, and like you I’m very keen for that to be allowed to happen, for physical activity, for mental wellbeing and all the other things we know about.”

Speaking afterwards, Mark Ruskell said: “Teachers have told me that physical education is already being curtailed in primary schools, and we haven’t even got into the winter months yet. This is despite distancing guidance not being relevant to under 12s. Teachers need guidance from government and agencies to align.

“While it’s absolutely vital that schools are kept as safe as possible from COVID, physical inactivity presents a real risk to children too. This means there needs to be clear guidance on what activity is allowed indoors and support for schools to use more outdoor spaces safely where individual schools don’t have that capacity.”

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Scottish Green Mountain Hare protections begin in March

Wed 27 Jan, 2021

Protections for Mountain Hares hard-won by the Scottish Greens will come into force in March, it has been confirmed.

According to regulations introduced to Holyrood today, it will be illegal to intentionally kill, injure or take mountain hares at any time unless a licence is obtained from 1 March 2021.

This is because Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone forced the Scottish Government’s hand to accept licensing in last year’s Wildlife legislation.

Virus update shows urgent need to improve support

Sat 23 Jan, 2021

Responding to the update from the UK Government that there is some evidence that the new Covid-19 variant may be associated with a higher degree of mortality, Scottish Greens MSP Mark Ruskell, a member of the Scottish Parliament’s COVID-19 Committee, said:

“The news that the UK variant is both more transmissible and that it may result in a higher degree of mortality is extremely concerning and shows why governments must respond to the pandemic with the utmost caution.

Nuclear convoy passes through Scotland in lockdown

Mon 18 Jan, 2021

Nuclear weapons passed through Scotland on Friday despite restrictions and health services being stretched, the Scottish Greens understand.

The convoy travelled from Burghfield to Coulport and passed through Stirling, and follows another convoy which travelled to Coulport on the 27th November then was sighted returning on December 2nd.

In early December, there was a COVID outbreak at the nuclear submarine base at Faslane which substantially increased case numbers in the area. [1]