Greens: SNP transport plans "inconsistent double-speak"

For immediate release 12 April 2011

The Scottish Green Party today reacted to the announcement by the SNP of a 'Future Transport Fund' to support so-called green initiatives, arguing that the policy is dramatically undermined by other SNP commitments to carbon-busting infrastructure projects. Scottish Greens have consistently opposed the additional Forth Road Bridge, the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route and aviation expansion in Scotland - all SNP policies - but support more affordable and reliable public transport services and increased funding to promote sustainable and active travel options.

Patrick Harvie said:

"The SNP's inconsistent double-speak on transport really is eye-watering. This is a party that is obsessed with putting an extra road bridge across the Forth, wants to build miles of new motorways rather than fixing the pot-holed roads we have, and in the last four years has put just a tiny amount of money into supporting sustainable and active travel.

"Just the other week, Alex Salmond was crying out for more flights in Scotland and posing with Michael O'Leary on a Ryanair plane despite all the evidence to show that expanding air travel will completely undermine Scotland's carbon reduction targets.

"If the SNP really wants to invest in greener transport, they could start by scrapping their plans for an additional, unneccessary Forth Road Bridge and then they'd have