Greens push government for referendum bill details

The supposed “permanence” of the Scottish Parliament was rendered meaningless by Tuesday’s Supreme Court ruling according to a Green MSP.

In response to a government statement, Ross Greer MSP, the party’s external affairs spokesperson, told the Brexit minister Mike Russell that the Greens were equally disappointed with the Supreme Court’s decision and asked when a bill for an independence referendum will be introduced.

West of Scotland MSP, Ross Greer said:

“The Greens share the Scottish Government’s disappointment at the outcome of the recent Supreme Court case. We were promised during the independence referendum that Scotland would be an equal partner in this union and our views respected, yet it is clear now that the Scotland Act did not live up to those promises. The permanence of this Scottish Parliament is meaningless if we can be overridden at will.

“It is increasingly clear that the Scottish Government’s significant compromise proposals have been dismissed out of hand by the Westminster government, who didn’t even wait for those from the Welsh administration.

“The minister has pointed out that Westminster is fast closing down the options for Scotland. Now the Scottish Government must confirm the timetable on which an independence referendum bill will be introduced. It’s becoming increasingly clear that we must put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.”