Greens press Ministers to oppose snaring in Scotland

For immediate release 2 March 2011

Robin Harper MSP spoke out against snaring again today during Stage 3 of the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Bill. Robin Harper MSP has spoken out about snaring both within the Scottish Parliament and outside for many years, asserting that it is both cruel and unnecessary in the managing of a rural estate.

Robin Harper MSP said:

"The Scottish Green Party is consistently opposed to all snaring, and I have campaigned on this issue for years. Snaring has been another of
those issues the SNP administration have tried to face both ways on. The fact is that snares are cruel, indiscriminate, and indefensible.

"It is an absolute fallacy to suggest that snaring is essential for countryside management. It is entirely possible to manage a rural estate without using these barbaric methods.

"Methods to limit the pain caused by snaring do not go far enough, and do not do away with the root of the problem. We are one of the few
remaining countries in Europe that still permit snaring, and it is long past the time when the law here should have been fixed to end this extraordinary source of cruelty to wild animals. It's time for Ministers to think again."