Greens outline plans to cut income tax for low earners

Low earners will see their income tax cut under radical proposals to be outlined by the Scottish Green MSPs today at an opposition debate at Holyrood.

The party’s co-convener Patrick Harvie will also make the case for why those on high incomes should pay “a fairer share” to improve public services in Scotland.

Glasgow MSP Patrick Harvie said:

"Greens have been leading the debate on progressive rates of income tax and it's frustrating that it’s taken this long to get the Scottish Government and other parties to say they’re open to the discussion. Nevertheless, by working together, we can see people on low incomes given a tax cut, while those on high incomes should pay a fairer share for the public services we all benefit from.

“The Scottish Parliament has always had the power to redesign the local tax system, but change has been put off for too long. With new Scottish income tax powers we can now design a coherent set of local and national tax changes. We can create new rates and thresholds that reduce inequality and leave fewer people struggling to make ends meet. Green proposals represent a much fairer system, which raises money to pay for public services, puts more control in local hands and moves us significantly towards our long-standing policy of a land value tax for Scotland.

“Today could be a significant day in the history of devolution, but only if all parties are willing to work together to create a fairer and more equal Scotland.”

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