Greens: Labour plans "unrealistic and doomed to failure"

For immediate release 6 April 2011

Today's Labour manifesto launch failed to dispel long-standing doubts over how the party will raise revenue to fund its mixed bag of goodies for Scotland, Scottish Greens said. Greens found further cause for alarm - although no surprises - in Labour's continued attachment to nuclear power, fossil fuels, carbon capture and storage, carbon-intensive road building plans and a pledge of support for the additional Forth Road Bridge. Labour's growth strategy, including plans for a major expansion of arms exports, was also criticised by Scottish Greens.

Patrick Harvie, co-convenor of the Scottish Greens, said:

"Labour's manifesto launch today might as well have featured Iain Gray praying for sunshine in a sodden April: well-intended in places, but unrealistic and doomed to failure. 'Fighting for what really matters' should mean closing the gap between rich and poor, and paying collectively for public services. Instead this is a repeat of a familiar New Labour pattern - handing the bill on to the next generation.

"Whether they were sending soldiers into Iraq and Afghanistan without the money to pay for adequate equipment, handing public services over to the private sector, or gambling ever more on the chance of everlasting growth, their policies have generally left a huge bill for someone else to settle. Their decision to boost arms exports is also a major step in the wrong direction, especially given the regularity with which we see those weapons being misused.

"The Greens are the only Holyrood party pledging to raise additional revenue now to tackle the cuts, a position most Scots support. And raising revenue fairly to fund education and public services is the only credible way to close the gap between rich and poor, making for a better society and investing in our future."