Greens join Tesco house martin protest

The Scottish Greens joined the local protest against supermarket giant Tesco on Sunday.

Tesco has installed netting in the roof space of its North Berwick store, sealing up an estimated 50 house martin nests.

When the endangered birds return to their nests in the coming weeks, Scottish Greens council candidate for North Berwick Coastal, Jacq Cottrell, joined the protest.

Jacq commented:

I really can't understand why Tesco is refusing to compromise on this, when we have offered them a solution - on RSPB advice - that is cheap, quick and easy to implement.

If boards can be fixed under the eaves where the house martins nest, all the mess will be taken care of and health and safety concerns addressed, while allowing a red listed endangered bird to return to their nesting site.

For more on the protest, read the article in the East Lothian Courier.