Greens in final pitch to centre-left Scots

For immediate release 4 May 2011

On the eve of tomorrow's Holyrood poll, the Scottish Greens issued the party's final bid for a strong second vote.

Patrick Harvie said:

"This has been a long campaign, but one which has set out some clear dividing lines. We have been the only party to level with the public - if you want decent public services, warm affordable homes and higher education open to all, then the better off and big business must pay their fair share. Labour have offered a bleak vision of Scotland, built on fear and tired old mantras, while the SNP have made a glitzy effort to hide their empty promises.

"But this election will also be Scotland's first chance to reply to the Tory and Lib Dem assault on public services, and to reject the economic and social failures of the UK Government. Many of the Scots who voted Lib Dem last year were told on the doorsteps by Lib Dem candidates that it was them or the Tories, and it is understandable that they should feel bitterly let down.

"The message to the Tories and the Lib Dems tomorrow must be clear and unequivocal. Neither party deserves Scotland's support, and a clear vote against them could shorten the life of this unloved coalition. The worst possible outcome in this election would be a result that could be seen as support for either of the Westminster coalition parties, or one that gives them the balance of power.

"A Green second vote remains the clearest way to reject the Tory/Lib Dem agenda. The key question in this election is as follows - who would you rather the next First Minister worked with? The answer can only be one of the two London coalition parties or the Scottish Greens. If you want a progressive alternative to their ideological cuts agenda, a second vote for the Greens is the right choice."