Greens give backing to Named Person Scheme after court ruling

The Scottish Greens will continue to back the Named Person Scheme after a Supreme Court ruling found the aim of the legislation to be ‘unquestionably legitimate’, albeit with required changes to information-sharing aspects. [1]

Ross Greer MSP, the Scottish Greens’ education and skills spokesperson, says the required changes give the Scottish Government an opportunity to “build public confidence” in the legislation.

Greer said:

“Greens continue to support the Named Person scheme and it is positive that the UK Supreme Court has ruled this essential child protection scheme ‘unquestionably legitimate’. As I told the Scottish Parliament last month, the Scottish Government must do more to build public confidence and better explain what Named Person means in practice. Even the name is far from perfect. They now have an opportunity to do that when the Supreme Court’s necessary changes are made to the legislation.

“Let’s review the scheme’s effectiveness after it’s implemented, but its opponents must accept the court’s decision. The system has been designed for children who need help and who would otherwise slip through the net. It’s for that reason Greens give it our full support.”