Greens: further fireworks restrictions necessary

Scottish Greens have backed further restrictions on the sale of fireworks, supporting the principle of the Fireworks and Pyrotechnics Bill in its first parliamentary hurdle.

The bill would restrict the sale of fireworks to in shops to 37 days of the year – to coincide with major events such as New Year and Bonfire Night, with exceptions for religious festivals such as Diwali.

There are also proposals to create zones where fireworks are not permitted.

Responding, Scottish Greens justice spokesperson Maggie Chapman said: “While firework displays are traditional at certain festivals in the year, they are dangerous explosive devices that cause significant amounts of distress to many people and to pets, their owners, and other animals with whom we share our world.

“This bill takes a step towards the Scottish Green policy passed by our members this year which would stop public sales to individuals entirely. It is absolutely right that there should be more control of fireworks, and we will look at ways to make this legislation as robust as possible.”