Scottish Greens today dismissed as absurd the suggestion that nuclear weapons could remain on the Clyde in the event of independence.

Newspaper reports indicate the MoD is investigating the possibility of having Faslane designated as a sovereign territory in a bid to mitigate the costs of relocating.

In the last session of the Scottish Parliament Scottish Greens led a debate that resulted in a historic vote against the renewal of Trident.

Scottish Green party co-convener Patrick Harvie MSP said:

"The arrogance of this idea underlines how out of touch Whitehall is with Scottish priorities. We welcome today's comments by the Deputy First Minister that her government would reject such a ludicrous suggestion if it were tabled during post-Yes vote negotiations.

"Trident is an outdated abomination and could be made inoperational very quicky at no cost. Any worry the British Government has about the cost of relocating is entirely its problem. The idea of annexing Faslane simply emphasises how a vote for independence would send a strong signal about Scottish values and the folly of nuclear weapons."