Greens Demand Bold action on Warm Homes

Maggie Chapman, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens and the party's housing spokesperson, today visited Scarf, a social enterprise with headquarters in Aberdeen, to highlight the work it does providing advice on fuel poverty and training courses in energy efficiency.
A recent report for the Scottish Greens highlighted the opportunity to create many more jobs in energy efficiency and renewables than currently exist in oil and gas, and the party's Holyrood election manifesto contains an ambitious fuel poverty pledge to deliver Band C energy performance for all homes by 2025.

Maggie said:
"People living in cold, damp homes is one of the most serious problems in Scotland. A lack of high-quality jobs that contribute to social well being is another serious problem in Scotland. We can solve both problems, and we can do it while making huge savings on energy bills. 

"Now is the time to create many more jobs in energy efficiency and low carbon industries and that must come with greater investment. Now is the time to end the scandal of cold, damp homes. 

"Scarf is the sort of organisation that has worked hard to tackle these problems - we need to expand support for them and others in this area. Providing jobs and warm homes is all the more important in the face of George Osborne's cruel cuts. We need to build on the Green achievement of making energy efficient housing a national infrastructure priority by substantially increasing the investment in this vital area. 

"Greens will be bold enough to say Scotland can end the national disgrace of cold, damp homes. Greens will be bold enough to say that Scotland can create thousands of high quality jobs in energy efficiency. A better Scotland deserves a bolder, Greener approach to housing. A big group of Green MSPs will deliver bold action on warm homes."