Greens criticise Holyrood "security theatre"

For immediate release 15 November 2011

The Green MSPs criticised plans announced today by the Holyrood authorities for a substantial external security facility for the Scottish Parliament building. The proposals, if the Corporate Body proceed with them, will be costly and pointless, the party argues.

Patrick MSP said:

"The Holyrood building opened later and cost more not least because it was built to the highest post 9/11 security standards. There are no active threats to Parliament that we have ever been made aware of, and we have never been the target of any serious security incident. Parliament must remain properly open to the public, and it should not make people who do come here feel like they are being treated as a threat or intrusion.

"This proposal, like the absurd bollards already in place down the Royal Mile, does nothing to protect the public. It's part of a long-standing "war on terror" myth designed to separate politicians from the people they represent and to build a sense of fear and exclusion around public spaces."