Greens condemn SNP's 'all of the above' energy policy

For immediate release 5 March 2012

Scottish Greens are criticising an SNP government consultation for using renewable energy as a 'gloss' to hide damaging plans for incinerators and nuclear power.
Scottish Green MSP Patrick Harvie said:
“The transition to low carbon energy is vital for Scotland, and will benefit the environment, jobs and the Scottish economy. However we mustn't let the renewables agenda distract us from the Scottish Government's other energy ideas that will damage the environment and people’s health.
“Despite the SNP's rhetoric on Zero Waste, this policy statement says incineration can play a role when communities across Scotland are mounting vocal campaigns against such plans. It says there is a ‘significant role’ for imported bio-mass; in other words shipping wood from abroad just to burn it. And despite the SNP manifesto stating opposition to large scale bio-mass, this policy statement reveals ministers are ‘not categorically opposed’ to it. This will sound alarm bells among many communities.”
“Perhaps most worrying is the statement that the Scottish Government remains happy to extend the life of our existing nuclear plants rather than taking the opportunity to consign them to the past. Ministers can pose in front of wind turbines all they want but they are letting down future generations of Scots who could have a truly Green future.”