Greens condemn Liz Truss North Sea drilling plan

The Scottish Greens have condemned proposals from Liz Truss to increase oil drilling in the North Sea.

The Scottish Greens Environment spokesperson, Mark Ruskell MSP, said:

“The science is clear. The climate crisis is the greatest crisis that will be faced by this generation or future generations. It needs radical action, not more climate vandalism from the Tories."

“We can't drill our way out of a crisis and Liz Truss’s proposals will do nothing to reduce household bills. We already have more oil and gas in current production than we can safely burn to keep to our climate commitments.”

“We are approaching the end of the age of oil and gas, and it is time that all governments started planning accordingly. That means revoking the Cambo licences and ensuring no new oil and gas licences whatsoever.”

“The UN has warned that it is code red for humanity, and governments need to start acting like it. Last year global leaders came together for COP 26, where they promised the earth. It is only nine months later and many of the warm words have turned to dust.”

“What we need is a major investment in renewable energy. If the next PM is to play their part in averting climate disaster they must divert the support that is being targeted at oil and gas towards the green industries of the future.”